Terms of Boarding

-Clients are expected to provide full up to date vaccination certificates for Cat Flu & Feline Infectious Enteritis.
Lea Wood Cattery reserve the right to refuse board without up-to-date documentation.
-Clients are expected to provide details of up-to-date flea and worm treatments.
Failure to provide the above details will result in immediate treatment and you will be charged accordingly.
-Lea Wood Cattery do not accept kittens under 10 weeks of age that have not been inoculated.
-Before any cats are accepted for booking clients will be expected to fill out a Client and Veterinary Authorisation form.
-Any tags or collars are to be removed before boarding for safety reasons.
If a collar cannot be removed due to aggressive behaviour it is at the owner’s risk.

-A Deposit must be secured for all new client bookings before any booking can be confirmed.
-Lea Wood Cattery do not secure a booking in ‘good faith’ a full deposit is required.
-Multiple animal discounts are based on cats from the same household only.
-The full balance of your account must be settled prior to or at the time of collection.
-In the event of long-term bookings which has secured a discount; the full balance of your account must be settled 30 days in advance or the full daily tariff will become in force.
-In the event of unsettled fees or unpaid deposits – we reserve the right to offer the booking to another paying client.
-We operate an on and off-peak booking system:
If you wish to book at the following times a minimum charge rate applies (depending on accommodation rates).
Easter, 25th, 26th, 31st December and 1st January. This also includes Petsitting and clients are advised to ask on booking the charges over this period. Petsitting also includes Petrol costs at £0.50p/mile outside of Gainsborough and Lea.
– Any prescriptive or dietary food that the Cattery do not normally stock that is needed throughout the stay, that has not been supplied by the client will be added to the final cost of the invoice. The Cattery supplies as standard – Felix in jelly all varieties, Felix As Good As It Looks all varieties, Whiskas all varieties, Gourmet and Sheba and various Applaws Wet Food Varieties. Biscuits provided include Purina, Harringtons, Go Cat and James Wellbeloved.

-Any discounts agreed must be reached at the booking stage, not later.
-If a discount is applied based on the number of days booked it will only be applied once this term has been met.
-Failure to reach the terms of the discount will null and void the price adjustment and full charges will be applied.
-The maximum discount applied excluding long term boarding discount or multiple chalet discount will be 10% during 2018. This is due to the Cattery not increasing the tariff again for 2018. Regretfully we can no longer offer discounts during peak periods either (Easter, Christmas and New Year).

Emergency Veterinary Procedures:
-Each cat boarding at Lea Wood Cattery is covered on site up to £2000 (pre-existing conditions excluded)
-Our insurance policy does not cover veterinary fees for ongoing conditions prior to the boarding date.
-Any medical conditions and/ or treatments must be outlined and discussed at the time of booking and on the hand over form.
-In the event of an emergency, Lea Wood Cattery reserves the right to seek Veterinary advice in the absence of the owner.
Contact with the owner will only be made if the following circumstances arrive:
a) If the Veterinary fee is up to or over £100 (est. initial consultation and medication fee)
b) we have been instructed or advised otherwise
-Any veterinary fees incurred during the boarding period due to new or ongoing conditions will be charged accordingly.

-If any cat is left within uncollected 14 days after its original departure date, Lea Wood Cattery reserve the right to assume ownership.
-In the event of the above scenario the cat will regretfully be sent to a local shelter for re-homing.
-If you require visiting time when boarding your cat, please make arrangements prior to arrival at the booking stage.